Landing PageIf you're is looking for a cost effective alternative to a website, 435 Digital can design a landing page to showcase your business.

A landing page is a webpage with 24/7 editing access that allows businesses to provide an overview or profile and video in a quick, easy to read format on the internet.

68% of B2B Marketers rely on landing pages to drive leads.* Afterall, a business must be seen by a consumer before it can be selected!

An effective landing page will: 

  • Provide a one page online presence with components developed to maximize ROI
  • Feature content areas designed to influence consumer’s buying behavior with a focus on conversion
  • Provide an opportunity to capture ratings and reviews
  • Use video to enhance customer experience and potential for interaction

Some specific features of landing pages include:

  • A photo montage video with a strong call to action
  • A Contact Us form
  • Google Maps Integration to calculate directions
  • A business profile of the advertiser that includes a business description, products & services, hours, brands carried, affiliations and areas served
*Source: Hubspot, 4/2012