Online Video435 Digital can produce for your business a 30-to-60 second video with accompanying audio options to display on your website or landing page, which you can also use on other online, viral and social marketing opportunities. 

Online video provides a compelling story about a customer’s business, enhances visibility and keeps consumers engaged. They can optimize your website, act as a viral marketing tool and provide entertaining and informative messages to your customers. 

Video Options

Standard: Montage Video

  • Images can be provided by customer, taken by multi-media consultant or selected from a stock image library
  • Script creation, voice over and music included
  • Cost effective

Advanced:  Turnkey Video

  • Ready made inventory of videos to choose from
  • Once chosen, exclusive in category and area
  • Customized into and outgo
  • Script creation, voice over and music included
  • Professional, high-end solution

Custom: Full Motion Video

  • Full motion, custom video
  • Customer input on script creation
  • Professional video editing, recording, voice over and music
  • When complete, customer owns the video
  • Affordable solution for custom/personalized full motion video