Co-op dollars may help reduce the cost of your ad by 50% or more, with many manufacturer plans offering to pay 100% of the ad cost. Let our Co-op specialists help you find them and use them.

Most manufacturers have programs to help pay for their advertising but they might be difficult to find, use or track. The Baltimore Sun’s full service Co-Op department helps you use those earned advertising dollars to promote your business with minimum to no work on your end!

We take the hassle out of using Co-op, from identifying funds to getting your ad pre-approved and processing the claims for reimbursement purposes. Billions of Co-op funds go unused each year. You don’t have to lose your share of it.

Daily newspaper and online ads are qualified for a majority of all registered co-op programs and continue to be the manufacturer-recommended mediums of choice. Let us help you find the co-op advertising dollars to use across our entire portfolio of products.

To request further information about co-op advertising opportunities please contact Jake Schultz at (410) 332-6306 or via email at

> Download our co-op authorization letter