Email & Audience Targeting

We deliver your marketing message directly to consumer inboxes.

  • Delivers targeted, highly qualified leads
  • Fast, efficient and cost-effective
  • A/B testing abilities and measurable results

Target by:

  • ZIP, gender and age
  • Household income and education levels
  • Marital status, children, ethnicity, occupation, type of home, home value, lifestyle and interests

Email Newsletters

  • Target opt-in subscribers to our weekly newsletters
  • Health & Wellness | At Home | Weekend Watch | Travel | Food & Drink | Breaking News Alerts

Average open rates:  8-14% | Average click rates: 1-3.5%

You can also reach Baltimore Sun subscribers in the daily email connected to The Sun e-edition online newspaper

93,000+ Sun Subscribers receive this message in their inboxes daily

This audience is highly engaged:

  • 12,500+ opens - 13% open rate*
  • E-edition newspaper subscribers read 150,000 page views on average, daily**
  • Average time spent per visitor is 19+minutes**
  • Only one ad position available for exclusive sponsorship daily
  • Arrives before 6AM



Print Ads and Delivery

Get a top-quality, professionally printed insert at value pricing. Take advantage of BSMG’s volume discounts on Baltimore print and deliver. We provide easy and cost-efficient, single sheet inserts in various sizes. Attractively priced, with no hidden costs… full-color glossy inserts made easy.



Poly Bags

Advertising on the newspaper delivery bag is highly visible, gets your message across effectively and is competition-free. We can handle it from ad design through distribution.



Direct Mail

Want a more effective and efficient solo mail program? BSMG is your one-stop-shop for Baltimore direct mail. We can design, print, and provide mailing services for your solo mail programs.

Contact Jim Curran at jcurran@tribunedirect.com or 410-332-6437 for more information.