Published On: 09/22/2014

Primetime 2Boomers, the largest consumer segment of our time, are not only used to change – they are natural-born change makers. They have lived through and helped lead major advancements in technology – including the rise of personal computers, the internet, and mobile devices. Their influence and involvement in technology today is not only apparent – it is vital. According to Nielsen, Boomers account for one-third of all online traffic and forty percent of the wireless base.

In this article we hight three core priorities that align to Boomers.Taking a closer look at these values can help to identify supporting reasons why Boomers embrace technology, and are eager to adapt.

Boomers value the relationships they have with family and friends above anything else, and often seek out ways to stay connected.  Social media provides an instant way for Boomers to do this. In fact, nearly 50% of online adults A55+ have a FaceBook account.

Boomers have experienced many changes throughout their lifetimes – which has taught them how to be flexible and to adapt. This desire for constant evolution drives them to try emerging technologies – especially when the technology has a clear purpose, is well designed, and is user intuitive.

Boomer’s have an adventurous spirit – and being healthy, active and getting the most out of life is important to them. Technology that helps them to achieve these expectations is highly valued, especially because of the physical limitations that are present with age.

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