Published On: 01/13/2015

Car Sale 23The majority of car shoppers will complete extensive online research before making an offline purchase. In fact, according to eMarketer, auto shoppers spend three times longer researching online than they do at a dealership.

As digital resources continue to impact the auto-shopping process, it is important for dealerships to keep these three considerations in mind:

  1. Most potential buyers are influenced by at least three online sources. According to C+R research, independent research sites are the top online sources of influence, followed by search engines, manufacturer websites, and automotive dealership websites.
  2. 8 out of 10* car shoppers access auto content online through their mobile device – so it is imperative for dealerships to optimize their websites for smartphones and tablets. Optimization ensures that end-users have the best overall online experience and can efficiently access the content.
  3. Car shoppers prefer a strong visual experience online before traveling to multiple dealerships to view in person. As a result, online video is becoming more popular in meeting the digital content needs of consumers.

Car dealerships must manage and continually update their online presence. Baltimore Sun Media Group not only offers digital resources that can help achieve this, it can also connect dealerships with powerful platforms like – a leading destination for online car shoppers.

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