Why your business should care about responsive web design

Published On: 09/18/2014

When thinking about how you and your customers are using technology today, perhaps the biggest shift is in the number of devices a typical consumer now uses, and how prevalent those devices are throughout their day.


How To: #Hashtagging

Published On: 08/06/2014

With the pervasive presence of social media in all facets of business, many in marketing and advertising still find themselves bemused by the suddenly all-important hashtag. Some ask why we use it, some ask when we use it, and others ask how.


Is sponsored content the right fit for your business?

Published On: 06/19/2014

The world of sponsored content is expanding and growing continually. Buzzwords including ‘branded’ and ’native’ are out in the market, and more and more businesses and industries are looking to sponsored content to tell their story.


Report unveils differences among generational mobile use habits

Published On: 06/16/2014

Traditional wisdom states that there are significant differences in the usage habits of Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers, and in many respects this wisdom is certainly correct. However, RJI's research finds there are also similarities too, especially when it comes to news usage via mobile.


NAA finds digital newspaper content reaches 84% of older Millennials

Published On: 06/03/2014

Measurements taken by the NAA show the audience for digital newspaper content continues to grow. In March 2014, the organization measured that digital newspaper content reached 161 million unique visitors that month, an increase from 145 million in February and a 19% increase from April 2013.


Response to ads is often not a click

Published On: 05/30/2014

When consumers see an ad that interests them, they often respond by doing something other than clicking. Of those who indicated a mode of responding to an ad, 44% click and 56% respond by searching or browsing.


Instagram tips for small businesses

Published On: 05/19/2014

Social media is here to stay, and naturally companies are dedicating more resources to strategy and activation in the space. However, the content that works well for one platform doesn’t necessarily work well for the next.


Market and audience shifts signal mass opportunities for engagement

Published On: 05/12/2014

For its part, television is getting more expensive every year and its ability to reach a mass consumer base will remain its strongest asset for the foreseeable future. However, recent research from Nielsen shows that while the number of channels TV subscribers are receiving has more than quadrupled since 1994 (to 189 channels today), Americans persistently only watch 17 - that's fewer than 10%.


Digital transition fuels consumer problems in shopping space

Published On: 05/12/2014

As part of their work in developing the Tribune's innovation intent in the retail and digital shopping space, our partners at Gravity Tank have identified the follow five areas as core hurdles consumers face as a result of technology’s impact on traditional shopping activities.


Millennial brand decisions driven somewhat by their parents

Published On: 04/29/2014

According to new research from Adroit Digital, a majority of Millennials consider the brands their parents use as part of their brand lifecycle.