Small businesses rely heavily on friends to generate new business

Published On: 04/21/2014

​Getting new business is always top of mind for small business owners. According to research from Gallup and Wells Fargo (reported by eMarketer), 21% of SBOs ranked attracting customers as the top challenge faced in Q1 2014.


Five marketing tips for small businesses

Published On: 04/18/2014

We’ve compiled a list of five easy marketing tips that every small business owner should keep top-of-mind.


Healthcare marketing in the wake of the Affordable Care Act

Published On: 04/11/2014

The passing of the most recent deadline to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has left many people asking, “what’s next?” For some this is an extremely important question. One group greatly affected by the legislation is insurance companies. The impact will even be evident in how they market themselves.


Consistency is the game-changer for video growth

Published On: 03/26/2014

"In about a year, we went from having no video to doing about a hundred million video views a month​." That's according to Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti. That kind of astronomic growth is tantalizing​ to publishers trying to leverage the reach of the web to engage new audiences.


The role of data in modern media planning

Published On: 03/24/2014

Being a media planner today is a lot more complicated than it’s ever been in the past – programmatic buying, RTB, DSP, Big Data – the jargon alone is enough to drive a traditional media planner mad. The good news is traditional media planners no longer exist, so we don’t have to worry about confusing them.


To compete for shopper, multi-channel is a necessity

Published On: 03/18/2014

You might say the retail game finally reached a tipping point when Warby Parker, the online-born fashion eyewear company, opened its first of several physical showrooms. This reversal in the retail model - moving from online to in-store, rather than the other way around - raises a core question about today's digitally savvy shopper habits:what is the point of physical retail?​


Digital surpasses all other media in time spent

Published On: 03/04/2014

The average time spent with digital media per day surpassed TV viewing time for the first time in 2013, according to eMarketer.


Are you paying attention to your customer service?

Published On: 03/03/2014

Brand loyalty isn’t as loyal today. According to the Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Survey, over 50% of U.S. consumers claimed to have switched service providers in the past year as a result of poor customer service experiences.


Take the time to personalize emails

Published On: 02/11/2014

When it comes to email campaigns, one size does not fit all. Recent studies show that personalized emails have higher response rates than generic messages.


Don't sleep on partnership between email and mobile

Published On: 01/28/2014

Several digital marketing platforms have risen to prominence in the last several years, and what makes them so potent is how well they complement one another. Email and mobile are just one example of that.