Mobile coupons coming up big this season

Published On: 12/04/2013

We’ve written about how large a part digital has played for both businesses and shoppers this holiday season, and mobile is especially being used. Once again, the important of using multiple channels and platforms comes into focus, as text messaging and couponing are still playing a role.


Responsive websites becoming more integral

Published On: 11/01/2013

As digital technology as evolved over the last few years, the way in which consumers browse the web has evolved with it. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, mobile websites and apps became all the rage, but lately web developers have been responsive sites: websites that will automatically re-size and format content based on how a user is viewing it.


Shoppers and retailers already in holiday spirit

Published On: 11/01/2013

Black Friday is rapidly approaching, but many businesses have been preparing for weeks, and for good reason. The National Retail Federation is forecasting holiday sales will increase 3.9% from last year. Last year’s holiday shopping season saw the first increase in total spending since 2008, so the arrow is clearly pointing up.


Synergy between mobile and online key to holiday success

Published On: 10/08/2013

The most important time of the retail calendar is rapidly approaching. More than one fifth of U.S. retail ecommerce is spent in November and December – the holiday shopping season.


What's moving the needle on smartphones?

Published On: 10/01/2013

As more businesses emphasize their digital strategies, it’s worth looking at which industries are thriving when it comes to mobile.


Millennials proving to be versatile consumers

Published On: 09/15/2013

The millennial demographic continues to evolve – and not just for the digital age. A recent study from Vallassis shows that millennials are getting coupons from newspapers, edging out other digital methods like email and internet searches.


Back-to-school season has arrived

Published On: 08/07/2013

If you have gone shopping at this summer you may have been surprised to see back-to-school supplies already being prominently featured. With students returning to class in less than a month, the back-to-school shopping spree is about to increase.


Print trends in 2013

Published On: 07/20/2013

Though the media field has changed dramatically over they last several years and is poised to evolve further, consumers still find value in print – so much so they’re reading it more.


What can digital marketing do for you?

Published On: 07/06/2013

With methods constantly changing, it’s important to take a step back and examine how far digital methods have taken businesses – as well as analyze what’s doing the most good.


Millennials being under-targeted by marketers

Published On: 06/04/2013

The millennial generation has proven to account for $900 billion in spending power in 2013, and is growing rapidly. Millennials are the first generation to outgrow the baby-boomer generation – and the boomer generation of businesses and marketers have on the whole not adapted as quickly as they should have.