Published On: 12/10/2014

Shopping 3BSMG often hears several concerns from hesitant advertisers this time of year. Small businesses know that promoting themselves is imperative in the month of December, but are apprehensive due to a variety of reasons:

  • Costs - Small businesses can sometimes believe they simply don’t have enough money to advertise
  • Competing with larger competition - Many businesses are unsure they can reach their target market compared to the big box stores or online retailers
  • Lack of ROI - Success can be hard to gauge sometimes depending on the medium.

Cost is the most cited concern, and with good reason. The economy is trending up but the budget must always be a top priority. Luckily, BSMG offers cost-conscience advertisers several different customizable packages in order to work within a budget. The best thing a business can do is use co-op dollars to help with advertising costs, or partnering with other local businesses to split costs.

The trick to competing with larger competition is to multi-task – utilize a multi-media plan including email, online banners, inserts and other various forms of media that BSMG can provide.

BSMG can also help establish ways to track success. Offer cut-out coupons to entice customers to visit your location. We can also track all metrics for online advertising initiatives, such as email, websites and social media.

The important thing to remember is that advertising should not be viewed as a cost, but an investment. By getting your name and message out into the public, you can ensure long-term gains to offset the money you spend today.