Published On: 12/22/2014

MEdical Career ShotAs we approach the New Year, it’s time to set some resolutions. Committing to a renewed healthy lifestyle is often at the top of many people’s lists. We all consider ways to improve our diet, exercise more, and think consciously about our overall wellness. This is a perfect time for marketers to help consumers manage and maintain these goals.

Wellness resolutions can be overwhelming. Establish your brand as a key component in achieving these goals. Educate consumers on how they can introduce healthy habits into their routine based on various lifestyles, budgets and motivation levels. Positive encouragement will strengthen trust in your brand.

Know where your consumers are doing their research. According a recent Health Conscious Consumer Survey by Google, weight loss consumers spend 27 hours per week on the internet, 45% of that time is spent on a mobile device and 30% on a tablet and many of them are focused on fitness solutions. While 30% of respondents bought a gym membership in the past year, cost prevented many from completing a weight loss program through a designated service.

With super foods, cleanses and detox options trending, consumers are paying more attention to what they eat. Food labels are becoming increasingly important when shopping for groceries. According to the Natural Marketing Institute, more than 50% of consumers selected foods based on nutritional fact label and the ingredients listed this past year. In restaurants, buzzwords like organic, sustainable, and natural attracted diners. Retailers are also experiencing growth as global revenues for active wear is expected to exceed $125 billion by 2015.

Considering ways to target health conscious consumers in the market can also be overwhelming. Contact a Baltimore Sun Media Group representative to learn about the custom solutions our portfolio offers.