Published On: 03/26/2014

Sideways Laptop"In about a year, we went from having no video to doing about a hundred million video views a month​." That's according to Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti. That kind of astronomic growth is tantalizing​ to publishers trying to leverage the reach of the web to engage new audiences. 

More often than not, audience growth online is substantially slower, especially for incumbant publishers transitioning content to the web space. The Buzzfeed numbers, though, do more than demonstrate the large appetite for web video content; they speak to the power of consistently engaging an audience, according to Digiday.  

In our series of research webinars on digital video, we called focus to a quote from a New York Times representative who said the challenge of executing against video from a publisher perspective is creating the perception that your website is a place you can both view and read content. Digiday quotes Vox Media creative director Chad Mumm, who says, "We wanted our sites to be born with viewership at their core as much as readership."

In essence, video viewership is a product of both opportunity and expectation. While hitting the viral sweet spot has grown the audience of a small handful, growth is being seen among publishers with a demonstrated capability to draw audiences into video from multiple touch points and encourage them to view more. 

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