Published On: 01/10/2013

Tablet 2It isn’t enough anymore to simply set up online banners to direct traffic to your business. Thanks to the advent of social media and SEO, content is king, which makes it more important than ever to market effectively.

A survey from Econsultancy confirms that digital marketers are putting more emphasis on content marketing in 2013 – 39% of in-house marketers specifically included it in their goals for the year, up 10% from last year. A separate survey from Demandbase indicates that content marketing is the top investment of the year from B2B companies, with 53% inveseting in it. This is only second to social media, at 60%.

Providing tailored content proves to potential customers or prospects the value your company can provide. The same B2B companies surveyed from above also indicated they are marrying content marketing with vertical industry targeting – allowing them to determine where their company’s services will be of the most use and focusing their efforts there. About ¾ of those marketers polled said they determine their content based on a specific business’ need, followed by the type of company they are targeting.

eMarketer | Marketing Charts