Published On: 04/18/2014

Open SignWe’ve compiled a list of five easy marketing tips that every small business owner should keep top-of-mind.

Mix it up

Are you doing everything you can to reach your potential customers? Sure, budgets might be tight, but there are many opportunities to add variety to your media spend without breaking the bank. From various preprint solutions, to print and online targeting options – today’s small business owners have more choices than ever before. Feeling overwhelmed? Talk to one of our media experts; we can create a plan customized to your specific business needs and budget.

Get mobile

According to a new forecast by BIA/Kelsey, mobile will be the fastest-growing channel in the local advertising market through 2017. One of the largest contributors to this increase is location-targeted mobile search, which aligns strongly to local ad targeting. The increased usage of consumers utilizing their mobile phones during the buying cycle makes mobile an undeniable platform for small businesses. In fact, in a study conducted last year 70% of smartphone owners indicated that they would be “at least somewhat influenced to make an unplanned purchase at a nearby store after receiving a geo-targeted coupon alert”.

Engage your customers

Not only is email marketing an affordable way to reach your customer base, according to a recent study, email may account for upwards of 60% of smartphone conversions – proving once again that having multiple channels in your marketing mix in addition to a mobile presence is worth looking into. Not only is email beneficial when paired with mobile, it is a great platform to engage your customer base through. Whether you are sending out a communication on a new product or service, big sale, or you would like to reward your most active customers with a special offer – when done right, email is a great loyalty tool that can keep your customers coming back.

Know your online reputation

You love your customers – and you would do anything to ensure they walk away happy, right? However, in today’s increasingly digital environment, everyone can be a critic in an instant… so don’t let one negative review damage your reputation. Consider a reputation management solution that can help you keep tabs on customer feedback – the good… the bad… and the ugly. Not sure where to start? Talk to your Tribune Media Group representative today.

Keep it simple

Consumers respond well to ads that have a clear focus and direct call to action. When designing your advertisement remember that sometimes “less is best”. If the message has too much going on visually, the call-to-action could get lost. Pick a font that is clear and easy to read to ensure your message stands out.