Published On: 05/19/2014


Social media is here to stay, and naturally companies are dedicating more resources to strategy and activation in the space. However, the content that works well for one platform doesn’t necessarily work well for the next. For example, an item featured on Pinterest may not be effective as a post on Facebook, but an announcement from the company would be more effective as a word-focused Facebook or Twitter post than as a photo on Pinterest or Instagram.

According to Ad Age, Instagram now has 200 million active users, and an engagement level of 1.6 billion likes daily, resulting in a platform that businesses need to be on. The app is growing daily, but the ease of use for an advertiser is not yet at the level of Facebook or Twitter. Brands use complex technologies to organize, manage and publish on the larger platforms; but Instagram has yet to launch a publishing application. The process remains rather manual, especially when it comes to looking at the analytics of a post. Companies are responsible for tracking the number of likes, and respond to comments and questions as they’re posted.

A few best practices for Instagram posts will ensure that consumers are noticing and interacting with them. No surprise: the photo is key. It’s important that the photos in your feed have a consistent look throughout, and that it reflects your brand. There are tons of photo editing apps that can help customize and enhance photos to create the look your business is looking for. Then stick to it!

The caption is also important when you’re looking for engagement from users. You want to add a relevant comment to the photo, and ask questions in the space if you’re looking for interaction between the users. It’s important to monitor the comments from users, and reply quickly when necessary. Keep your comments, questions and replies conversational, so users are more inclined to interact with your brand.

Hashtags are another way to enhance a post. They not only help your visibility if people browse the tag, but they also keep your posts current with what’s trending.

It’s not just important to be in social media – it’s crucial that your business doesn’t fall behind the times. If your business is in need of some help, contact BSMG.