Published On: 04/29/2014

Millennials 3

According to new research from Adroit Digital, a majority of Millennials consider the brands their parents use as part of their brand lifecycle. Adroit's research report shows that 43% of Millennials "use many of the same brands" as their parents, but not all of the same ones. An additional 20% said they not only used many of the same brands, but would call themselves "loyal" to those brands as well. 

Together, that means roughly 63% of Millennials surveyed by Adroit affiliated with many of the same brands as their parents. 

The research also​ underscores just how loyal Millennials are to different brands, comparing levels of loyalty to those of their parents and gauges​ just how effective different advertising tactics might be at reaching, engaging and helping brands interact (and ultimately increase loyalty among) the Millennial audience.

Download the full report here.