Published On: 12/04/2013

We’ve written about how large a part digital has played for both businesses and shoppers this holiday season, and mobile is especially being used. Once again, the important of using multiple channels and platforms comes into focus, as text messaging and couponing are still playing a role.

According to eMarketer, flash sales and daily deals are on the decline for 2013, while other marketing channels methods are up:

  • Mobile coupons  are up 8%
  • Text message deals are up 10%
  • App usage is up 3%
  • QR code usage is up 3%

Comparatively, 49% of shoppers polled by eMarketer on Black Friday said they relied on mobile coupons as opposed to in-store deals.

Holiday shopping is expected to hit $61.8 billion this year according to eMarketer, up over 15%.

Source: eMarketer