Published On: 06/03/2014

ChartMeasurements taken by the NAA show the audience for digital newspaper content continues to grow. In March 2014, the organization measured that digital newspaper content reached 161 million unique visitors that month, an increase from 145 million in February and a 19% increase from April 2013.

According to the NAA, that 161 million unique visitors in March translates to a 78% reach for digital newspaper content. More importantly, their research shows that this consistent growth is due in part to regular, rapid growth among younger, more-mobile audiences, who are more likely than most to access newspaper content from mobile devices only.

As you can see in the chart above, younger and older Millennials who access newspaper content only on mobile devices grew by 146% and 103%, respectively during the past 12 months. While the desktop news consumer isn't going away, he or she is consistently​ choosing to round out their consumption with mobile news.