Published On: 02/11/2014

Typing On TabletWhen it comes to email campaigns, one size does not fit all. Recent studies show that personalized emails have higher response rates than generic messages.

Experian Marketing Services’ research shows emails with personalized subject lines had 26% higher open rates. Travel-themed companies, multi-channel retailers and catalogers were among the most common types of companies to see these large divides. Only 30% of brands today are personalizing emails, according to Experian.

Other related observations include how personalized emails have:

  • a 29% higher unique open rate
  • a 41% higher unique click rate
  • a 6 times higher chance of leading to a sale

These trends also applied to triggered emails which see a 25% higher open rate, and also generate more than double the transaction rate than standard emails.

Source: MarketingCharts