Published On: 12/14/2012

BusinessHave you ever sat back and thought to yourself … How can I increase revenue to my business today? Here are our hottest Top 10 Revenue Generating Ideas for the “any size” business…available now through BSMG.

  1. Killer Event Marketing – People respond to event advertising – open houses, expos, meet the experts, cooking schools, etc. Events are a great way to generate foot traffic. What events do you have planned each month that can bring NEW customers into your doors? Are you putting these events in your window, or in front of the audience of the #1 news and event source in the region?
  2. Mobile/Print Combo Promotions – Use QR Codes to make money – lucrative, successful, trackable and easy! Don’t have a QR code? We can help with that! Great for tracking print, front page notes, direct mail and even digital – and getting the customer to interact with your brand.
  3. Contests on Steroids – We’re talking serious money when the right contest is developed. Maybe it’s a getaway for two. Maybe it’s a shopping spree. Let us help your business get creative, help develop a database of interested prospects and generate buzz in the marketplace. People LOVE a chance to win!
  4. Taking Daily Deals to the Next Level – Local deals are one of the hottest marketing tools in the market. And wouldn’t you know it … BMore Bargains is one of the best deal sites around. This site is cross-promoted in print and online through Baltimore Sun, so it goes over and above the daily subscriber. No risk to your business, only gain.
  5. Digital Plus – are you on it? Did you know we can put your digital advertising in front of readers of,, and other high caliber sites? Take advantage of our presence in the national and global media marketplace, reaching readers close to home who may be browsing sites other than our own … exclusively through BSMG’s Digital+ Program.
  6. Web. Mobile. Social – We’ve taken social marketing to the next level. Need a website? We can help. Need help getting your website easily navigable from a mobile phone? We can help. Need someone to manage your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)? We can do that, too. All for the best price points in the marketplace. Our Web/Mobile/Social package is great for the small business on a budget.
  7. Lead Generation – Prepare to diversify how you’re reaching clients – and cash in on the results. Whether looking to generate leads in print or online, we have solutions to help. We also have a data analytics team that can take a look at your current clients, and generate look-alike targets for you in the marketplace. What better clients to target than the twins of those you already have?
  8. Successful Coupon Strategies – Print, digital and mobile combos can really enhance your coupon redemption rates. Our Print and Deliver program is a perfect way to capture an audience of savvy coupon-clippers! Another great way to reach your target audience is our Email Marketing Program – delivering coupons right to their inbox!
  9. Co-op, co-op, co-op – There is no better incentive to run a vendor’s brand in your advertising than the fact they give you the money to do it. Our comprehensive co-op department will research dollars available to you through the brands you carry, seek pre-approval on all advertising through those vendors, as well as generate tear-sheets for reimbursement purposes. Use the co-op dollars available to you this season, otherwise they just disappear!
  10. Total Solutions – One Point of Contact. In this fragmented marketplace, why risk putting your eggs in 40 different vendors baskets, when you can have consolidated solutions with one point person? Our BSMG portfolio can help with your digital, direct marketing, mobile, magazine community newspaper and regional newspaper needs. Saves you time, saves you money, saves you headaches. Win, win, win!