Published On: 10/01/2013

Shoppers Coupon SmartphoneAs more businesses emphasize their digital strategies, it’s worth looking at which industries are thriving when it comes to mobile.

According to a study by partnering with comScore and the Partnering Group, Retail searches grew by 49% year-over-year this past June. 44% of those searches came from a smartphone, and if counting tablets, it becomes 55%.

According to eMarketer, other industries doing well are:

  • Hospitality and travel: 9.0% open to click rate
  • Consumer Services Industry: 19% mobile click to open rate
  • Top desktop performer: the healthcare industry with more than 4/10 emails received via desktop opened and clicked.
  • Social buzz: 9/10 restaurants used social media outreach this year, up 77% from 2012


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